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Pixel Tracking

Affiliate conversion tracking is perhaps the most important aspect of being a successful affiliate marketer. The problem is, 95% of affiliates don't do it.

Here's the truth: If you cannot identify where your sales are coming from, you will never be able to focus your time and money on making even more commissions.

However, there's no easy way of tracking conversions as an affiliate since you don't own or have access to the merchant's site. Therefore, the conventional method of putting conversion codes or scripts in the "thank you page" is not an option.

LinkTrackr solves this unique problem with three different tracking methods for affiliates: pixel tracking, postback / callback URL tracking, and TID tracking.

pixel tracking code

Most newer affiliate networks and in-house affiliate programs allow you to place a tracking "pixel" in the merchant's pages. When a sale is generated from your affiliate link, this pixel is fired and the information is passed back to your LinkTrackr account.

This is an example of the pixel tracking code:

<img src="" height="1" width="1" border="0" />

Or you can just specify the URL of the pixel like this:

You can also pass along variables like CVN (Conversion Name) or CVA (Conversion Amount) from your affiliate network to your LinkTrackr account, or edit them manually. LinkTrackr's built-in cookie and tracking system gives you the geo-location (IP Address) of the sale, the referring traffic source, campaign or subcampaign name, and much more.

  • Stop relying on the accuracy of your affiliate network's tracking system
  • Works with HasOffers and all in-house programs using HasOffers
  • Works with in-house affiliate program software like iDevAffiliate
  • No scripts or messy software to install - LinkTrackr is 100% web based

Pixel tracking and postback URL tracking in enabled in all our advanced plans.

Postback / Callback URL Tracking

Similar to the pixel tracking method, some affiliate networks allow you to use a callback or postback URL. With LinkTrackr you can easily get a customized postback URL code for each of your tracking links, like this:
  • When used correctly can be more accurate than pixel tracking
  • A reliable alternative (or backup) to your pixel tracking campaigns
  • Works with any affiliate network that has the callback feature enabled

Pixel tracking and postback URL tracking in enabled in all our advanced plans.

TID Tracking Integration

With LinkTrackr, you can use our unique TID Conversion Tracking method that helps you use basic conversion tracking features already built into most tyes of affiliate programs like ClickBank, Shareasale, Commission Junction and much more.

TID stands for "Tracking ID" and is a commonly used method of tracking conversions in most olrder affiliate networks. In most cases, TIDs are variables that you can insert to the end of your actual affiliate link to differentiate your sources of traffic.

For example, a ClickBank affiliate link may look like this, with the highlighted part being the TID:

With LinkTrackr, you can accurately track conversions as an affiliate by using our TID Convertion Tracking method. All you have to do is to replace actual TIDs in your destination URL with our (lt-campaign) variable. Then, you can create on-the-fly campaigns while using LinkTrackr and your campaign name will be automatically converted into affiliate TIDs. Your new destination URL will look like this:

When you promote your cloaked affiliate link, you can create LinkTrackr campaigns on-the-fly, and the campaign name will be converted to the actual TID code, for example:

(Replace test with any other tracking campaign you would like to use to see how this works)

In your web based dashboard, you'll be able to analyze all your incoming traffic, complete with campaigns names that identify the source of each click:

When you make a sale, you'll be able to login to your affiliate network and check your stats - you will see the exact same campaign names as your TID values. This accurately idetifies where your sale originated from.

  • Works with ClickBank, Commission Junction and most other older affiliate networks
  • Works with any in-house affiliate program that has basic TID tracking
  • You don't need to mess around with complicated software or hire a programmer

LinkTrackr is 100% web-based affiliate tracking solution so there is nothing to install, nothing to configure and nothing to worry about. It works perfectly out of the box, like all software should.

So go ahead and create your LinkTrackr account right now to start tracking your ads and marketing campaigns. Become the super affiliate marketer that you were made to be.



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