Awesome Testimonials

Why Our Clients Fall In Love.

Mike Filsaime"I love the viral marketing aspect of LinkTrackr, it's simply brilliant. Awesome work!"

Mike Filsaime

John Chow"LinkTrackr one of the best URL cloaking and affiliate tracking tools on the Net. It's so easy to use that it's addictive."

John Chow

Armand Morin"I've tried a lot of link trackers in the past and they have all come up short. LinkTrackr is an amazing service and I would never leave."

Armand Morin

Amish Shah"This has got to be one of the easiest link tracking tools I have ever used."

Amish Shah

Michael Fortin"LinkTrackr's split testing and conversion tracking features are the best I've seen yet!"

Michael Fortin

James Brown"This has to be the best kept secret ever. The user experience is f***ing awesome to say the least."

James Brown

Viviana Andrew"Linktrackr is best and easy to use, help you to organize all affiliate links under different group categories and keep them tracked. The best part is to monetize keywords in your blog."

Viviana Andrew

Emmanuel Mba"I use LinkTrackr to market my Clickbank products as well as other affiliate products, and it's simply awesome."

Emmanuel Mba

Adam Collins"I Love LinkTrackr! It allows me to quickly & easily track all of my download links, PPC ads and more. A must have tool for people marketing their business online. ."

Adam Collins

Amirol Zolkifli"Control, monitor and optimize all of your promotional links with ease using LinkTrackr service. I've been using LinkTrackr since 2010 and am really satisfied with the feature-rich tracking system provided Gobala Krishnan. Highly recommended for any Internet Marketer!"

Amirol Zolkifli

Onuora Amobi"I couldn't imagine my business without Linktrackr. It's so convenient to be able to track all my personal and third party links with one tool in one place. "

Onuora Amobi

Reid Yamamoto"I love how easy the Linktrackr interface is to learn and I was cloaking and tracking my links my first day. My affiliate links look much better than before and I'm able to see exactly how they performed with tracking. "

Reid Yamamoto

Daniel Dalley"With LinkTrackr I get to know exactly where our traffic is coming from and which links perform the best."

Daniel Dalley

Daniel Smallwood"I was looking for a tool that tells me exactly what's happening with my online marketing campaigns, and I found it in LinkTrackr."

Daniel Smallwood

Aqif Azizan"This all-in-one software will absolutely benefit your affiliate marketing efforts"

Aqif Azizan

Marwan"Since I started using LinkTrackr, I've seen much more traffic to my links."


Joachim Peter"LinkTrackr is one of my favorite websites I use for my business. Gobala and his team do a fantastic job. I guess they are one of the "oldest" tracking companies on the they must be doing something right ;)"

Joachim Peter

Matteo Spigolon"I'm using Linktrackr for almost 2 years and I'm very satisfied. In my opinion it's the best software I have used to track clicks for my campaigns."

Matteo Spigolon

Stefhen Cheng"Linktrackr has been really helpful as I can track the links and conversions for all my clients. "

Stefhen Cheng


Web Based & User Friendly

With LinkTrackr you never have to install, upgrade or fix anything, ever! You account is set-up instantly and you can access it from any computer, anywhere in the world, at any time.

No Commitment or Hidden Fees

LinkTrackr works on a subscription basis, so you only pay for what you use. No set-up charges, installation costs or any other hidden fee. Upgrade, downgrade or cancel anytime.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Use LinkTrackr risk-free for 30 days, and if you're not satisfied for any reason, we'll refund you everything you've paid so far. No commitment whatsoever.

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