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Harness The Power Of Social Incluence.

Viral Marketing

Viral marketing is the holy grail of advertising.

One great way to add an element of viral marketing to your ad campaigns is to incorporate social media sharing features right into the page.

You probably already know that FaceBook is huge, with over 1 billion active users. Plus, there are other valuable social media sites like Twitter, Google+ and more that you can use for making your content go viral.

Yet, it's so hard to do this when promoting affiliate websites and third-party sites that you have no control over.

This got us thinking: What if you could put a FaceBook like button like the one below..

.. on every affiliate website we promote, without having to contact the website owners to setup a special page for us?

What if every time someone clicked Like or Send, you can get them to share your affiliate link instead of the actual website URL?

This thought haunted us for days, until we finally sat down and craked up some amazing code that lets you "viral cloak" your affiliate links, just like this:

viral bar

As you can see, the actual affiliate link is hidden. The only thing you can see in your browser is the cloaked link.

The average user will assume the sharing options are part of the website, and they will share the content just as they would with any news article or blog post. In fact, the shared post will look like any other site in their news feed.

But there's one big difference: Whenever someone clicks on the cloaked affiliate offer and makes a purchase, you get the commissions, not the people who helped you spread it to their friends!

viral marketing tools

You can easily customize our viral bar, add or remove social sites, and even customize your Twitter settings. Adding the viral cloaking feature to any link is easy too.

When you create your account today, you too can:

  • Leverage on your existing social influence for free traffic
  • Harness the proven viral capabilities of mouth-to-mouth marketing
  • Overcome "cold markets" with personal, 1-on-1 recommendations

You can't just buy that kind of traffic.

LinkTrackr is 100% hosted viral marketing software so there is nothing to install, nothing to configure and nothing to worry about. It works perfectly out of the box, like all software should.

So go ahead and create your free LinkTrackr account right now to start your viral marketing campaigns.

Your account will be available as soon as you signup and you can start using our viral marketing software right away. We provide accurate documentation and video tutorials to help you get started.



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